Established 1992

The Land Trust and its members are your neighbors. We want to save Lee’s natural beauty for you and your children to enjoy. The Trust is a non-profit, tax-deductible organization and is independent of any town board or commission.

If you are a landowner, the Trust can help you take the steps to save your land for many years to come and on your own terms. For example, we can help you place a restriction on your land that will prohibit its future development. We can help you give your land or any part of it to the Trust in perpetuity. By doing so, you would no longer owe taxes on the gifted part of the land. The Trust now owns 100 acres of land in East Lee and takes the responsibility of the land stewardship seriously. The Trust and its members would do the same for you. As a private organization, our Trust has great flexibility in designing ways for you to protect your land. That flexibility can help you come to a positive decision.

The Trust offers nature walks for enjoying Lee’s natural beauties, talks and video presentations on subjects of local historical and environmental interest.

The most valuable resource of any organization is its members. We hope that you will join our Trust as a member with a tax-deductible contribution. As a member you will receive monthly news about land activity in Lee and future Trust and local related events. The responsibility for saving Lee’s natural beauty belongs to all of us. Can you help?

The Lee Land Trust is a member of the Land Trust Alliance. Washington, DC

Simply fill out our membership form below and mail it to:
The Lee Land Trust, Box 702, Lee, MA 01238

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